Company Admin Manual

  1. Website
  2. Checking Registration Status
    1. Report types
    2. Viewing / downloading reports
    3. Token expired error
    4. Reporting cumulative distance
  3. When a participants email is not received
  4. Deleting posts

Company Representative Admin Site

From this website, you can view a variety of information on your company’s members including sign-up status and (during the December event month) remove / delete posts of activities etc.

Please use the company email address you registered with FIT for administrative access. Password should have been communicated to you by the FIT Sponsorship team. We recommend using Chrome web browser when accessing this site. Older versions of Internet Explorer such as IE11 will not work.

After signing in – you will see a screen similar to below.

Checking Registration Status

Using the Report menu, an admin user can generate four types of reports to confirm sign-up status.

Select “Reports” tab and “Select a report” from the dropdown line to run your desired report, showing details of participants registered in your company.

Report Types

4 reports are available for you to check the registration status of your participants.

Completed Signups
Users who have successfully signed up and either paid the participation fee or have entered a valid payment exemption code. Scrolling to the right will display the exemption code or stripe payment code for those who have paid the participation fee. (Company admin users will not use the stripe payment code).
Incomplete Signups - Unverified Email
User who have not entered a valid 6 digit verification code sent by email. The email verification code column shows the respective codes. Providing users with this code will allow them to complete the signup. Users should sign in with the email address and password they have registered.
Incomplete Signups - No Exemption Code nor Payment
User who have completed th email verification step, but have not proceeded beyond the next step, i.e. not entered a valid payment exemption code or have completed the participation fee payment. Asking users to sign in and accessing will bring them back to the payment exemption screen and complete their registration.
Signups (Completed, Incomplete, Bulk Added)
All users (incl. admin users added by the system administrator)

How to view and download reports

The format of and functionality is common across all reports.

  1. The horizontal scroll bar will display when you move your cursor to the bottom of the screen, allowing you to scroll to the right of the report.
  2. Click to move through each page of the report (12 lines display per page)
  3. Click the download icon and select report format to export (CSV, XLSX, JSON). Note that Japanese characters may not display correctly in the CSV report.

Token expired error

When using the Reports, you may experience the “Token is expired” message below.

To resolve, click the “Groups” tab along the header of the page and select “My Groups” in the drop down menu. This will return you to the report selection page.

Reporting cumulative distance

A report showing the cumulative distance of each participant in your company is available.

When a Participant’s verification email is not received

There are a number of reasons that the email from Relola system may not be received by a participant when they sign-up.

  1. The participant input an incorrect email address
  2. The verification email was blocked by an email system filter
  3. The verification email was filtered as spam or promotion email by the email system. We have seen gmail filter the emails as “Promotion” emails and / filter into the Junk Email folder.

If you receive questions regarding the verification email not being received by a participant, please check the above 3 points. If they are able to locate the verification email, the participant can resume the sign-up process.

Ask the participant to access and open the Sign-up page. If the fields are already completed, please continue, or if not, please input sign-up information again. As long as the email address is unchanged, the initial verification code will still work.

If the verification email cannot be found
The Company Admin can access the report below, which displays the verification email for each participant who has tried to sign-up.
Reports > Select a report > Company Admin: Incomplete Signups – Unverified Email.

From this report you can scroll across to the right to find the Verification Code and share with the participant. Your company admin account may also be listed in this report, but you can disregard this.

  • This report only shows the members of your company who have not verified their email address as yet.
  • If the registered email address is correct, please share the email verification code with the participant.
  • If the registered email address is incorrect, ask the participant to re-register with correct information.

Deleting Posts

Participants are able to edit posts they have created, but they are not able to delete posts. Company Admins have the ability to delete any post made from participants within their company.

  1. Click the “Activity” tab
  2. Click “...” on the activity post to delete
  3. Click “Remove”
  4. Click “Yes”