Participant FAQ

FIT App - Relola User Guide is available at the links below. Please review before posting during event month.

Please read the below before you sign-up for FIT2020.

In order to participate in FIT For Charity Run 2020, you must be an employee (or family member or friend of an employee) of a FIT For Charity Run 2020 participating company. To participate, register through the FIT 2020 App - using your web browser for registration, Google Chrome recommended, older versions of Internet Explorer such as IE 11 (2013) do not work.

Please note the before registering

  • New registrants need to select the FIT 2020 participanting company they work for; family members and friends need to also select the participating company of the relevant employee.
  • You will be asked to select the size of the FIT 2020 official T-shirt, a free benefit included in the registration fee if registering by October 30 (no T shirts available for registrations after this date, there will be no sales either).
  • At the end of the registration process, the participation fee of 5000 yen needs to be paid (Visa/Master/Amex credit cards accepted).
  • Some participating companies pay part or all of the participation fee. Please obtain a "payment exemption code" that the participating company issues to each participants before you start the sign-up. If you abort the registration midway, you will not be registered properly and will require support in order to resume the registration.
  • Children under age 16 participate for free. Similarly, please obtain a "child payment exemption code" before you start the registration.

Is there a step by step sign-up guide?

Yes - please follow the steps below and check the FAQ for any additional questions.

  1. Have your payment method ready
    1. Either your credit card ready (Visa/Master/Amex are accepted) if you will pay your participation fee
    2. Or have the payment exemption code ready if your company pays part or all of the participation fee, or if you register a child under the age of 16 (each participant is issued a unique one time use code)
  2. Launch Google Chrome and enter the company specific URL obtained by your company's FIT representative; if you don't know the URL, use this general URL
  3. Click "Sign-up / Sign-in" → Select "Sign-up" tab
  4. Enter all required fields, confirm and agree to the Terms, and click "Sign-up"
    • If you have joined via a company-specfic URL, the company field is prepopulated; if you used the general URL, select your company; type the first letter to search.
    • "Division / Department" is an important field for distributing T-shirts. Each company has been asked to determine the fleld's use, please check internal communications from your company's FIT representative.
  5. A verification code will be sent by email from to the email address you registered - input this code on the verification page.
    • Free email services such as Gmail and Hotmail may filter the email to a promotions or spam folder.
    • Company email systems may block the verfication email
    • If you can't find the email, please also check the FAQ below.
  6. On the "Exemption Code" screen
    1. If you pay the participation fee yourself, leave the field blank and click "Continue".
    2. If part or all of the participation fee is paid by the company, enter the code provided by your company's FIT rep then click "Continue".
  7. Enter your credit card information on the payment screen (Stripe) and complete payment and registration.
    • If you entered an Exemption Code in the previous step, this step will be skipped.

      For iPhone users: After the registration is complete, you can download the App provided by Relola from the App Store (Google Play is not supported).
      https :// 1055238472

FIT2020 sign-up, app login

How do I sign-up?

EITHER via the company specific login provided by our firm’s FIT contact OR by going to and selecting your firm on the sign-up page. If you cannot find your firm name, your firm has yet to sign up. Contact your firm’s CSR team or

Who can participate?

Staff, families and friends of FIT 2020 participant firms. As an online run, this year, employees, families and friends of domestic and overseas group companies and branches of FIT participant firms can also participate. Refer to the general FAQ page.

Do I use firm email or private email to sign up?

Your choice. However, your company environment may block access to the sign-up page or not provide a compatible web browser (mentioned below). Also, it is likely you will use your personal device to post acitivties during the event month. As such, we recommend signing up with your personal email address.

There is a payment of JPY 5,000 required…

As in previous years, FIT For Charity requires each participant above age 16 to pay a JPY 5,000 participation fee, which goes to the charities we support. This year, we collect the participation fee via the FIT 2020 app, provided by Relola; the payment is processed by Stripe.

My firm pays part of (or the full) participation fee. How to pay the participation fee?

If your employer pays part of or the full participation fee, your payment is not processed through Relola / Stripe but settled directly between your firm and FIT. You will receive from your firm’s FIT contact your personal payment exemption code which you can enter during the registration process. Each exemption code is issued to a specific participant and can only be used once. The use of exemption codes is tracked and reconciled with each firm.

Children under age 16 can participate for free?

Yes. A separate exemption code is issued for children under age 16. Again, to obtain a child exemption code, please contact your firm’s FIT contact. The use of exemption codes is tracked and reconciled with each firm.

I have registered my details but haven’t received the email with the verification code.

Within a few minutes after entering all the required fields on the sign-up page and clicking “sign up”, you should receive an auto-generated email from with a six digit verification code. If you don't see the email, check that the email was not recognised as promotion, update, spam or junk email, etc. If you use trusted senders to prevent spam, please add to your trusted sender list. You can resend the verification email by clicking the resend link. If you still can't find the verification email, you can confirm your input by clicking the "x" button at the top right corner of the sign-up page and then opening the sign-up form again. If your email address on the sign-up form is incorrect, enter the correct one and submit the form. If you still don't receive a verification email, please contact your company representative. Once you have obtained the verification code, go back to the sign-in page (not sign-up), enter your email address and password, then proceed to the verification screen.

I submitted the sign-up form, then entered the verification code, but haven't paid. How can I complete the sign-up?

Open and sign in. Then open From there, please complete your payment process.

Even though the event hasn't started, I see companies and participants on the leaderboard and I see activity posts. Why?

The data you see is test data, so you can see how the site will look when we start the event in December. The test data will be removed prior to the event officially starting.

Can a participant form a "group" in the app?

No, this is not possible. You may see "group" referenced in the FIT application, however this a default reference in the system FIT is using for this event and refers to a Company particpating in FIT.

How do I register someone who doesn't have an email address - such as my child?

Gmail and have an alias feature allowing you to use additional email addresses for your existing account. For example:,, and will be delivered to Consider using for someone who doesn't have their own email address.

When I access from Chrome on my PC, it does not behave as expected. How can I resolve this?

Please make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome. If that doesn't help, you can try clearing the cookies placed by Relola using the following steps.

When I access from Safari on my iPhone, it does not behave as expected. How can I resolve this?

Please make sure your iOS and Apps are up to date. Please also try removing the data stored in Safari by Relola with the following steps.

Scroll to the bottom and tap Advanced.

Tap Website Data

It may take some time for the results to load.

Results loading is complete.

Search for "relola".

Tap Edi

Tap the red minus mark next to Relola

Tap Delete.

Recording activities

Is there a smart phone app?

The Relola app is available from the iPhone App Store and allows you to post your activities and see activities of your colleagues. Use your email and password created at sign-up. The app is avialable in both Japanese and English.
An Android version is also available, but posting functionality is limited and it does not support Japanese - therefore not suitable for FIT. We recommend using the web app ( on your Android device. The web app also works on iOS devices.

Which browsers are supported?

Recent versions of major web browsers on iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac are supported. Microsoft Edge browser is supported, however Internet Explorer 11 and earlier are not.

I cannot post activities

The FIT 2020 event is from December 1 to 31. Activity posting prior to December is not possible.

Does the FIT app synch with any run apps?

Unfortunately not; you need to manually enter the activity details (distance, duration, picture etc)

Who can see my activities?

Anyone who has signed up to the FIT app can see other people’s activities. If you do not want your full name appear on the app, you can choose an alias as the display name during the registration process.

Can I post multiple activities, i.e. run, walk and cycle?

Yes. If you enter multiple activities, your records will be aggregated by type of activity.

How can I delete an activity post?

Please request your Company Representative to delete the post.

How can I prevent the iPhone app from using my location when posting?

From your iPhone - open "Settings" > "Privacy" > "Location Services" and find and tap Relola in the list of applications. Set "Allow Location Access" to "Never". Once set, you can create posts by just searching general landmarks (e.g. Tokyo Station).

Can other participants see the location information associated with images I use in my activity posts?

Other participants cannot see the location information associated with images in your posts.

Can I use a comma instead of decimal point when recording my distance?

The system does not recognise commas, so please use a decimal point (.) when recording your activities.