Charity interviews featured in “International Finance” magazine


Charity Interviews No. 4~6 have been featured in a 4 page spread in Issue 1296 of “International Finance” magazine, which is produced by the Institute of Foreign Exchange and Trade Research. A full page advertisement for FIT is also featured on the back cover.

“International Finance”, founded in 1950, is a magazine that discusses foreign exchange, trade, and international finance, and often features expert opinions and editorials on how to respond to global economy, trade and currency issues backed by the latest research results. It is a professional journal that is widely read by many research institutions and universities.

FIT greatly appreciates this opportunity to showcase our event and share messages from our beneficiary NPOs in such a professional magazine. We believe that FIT’s message and mission will reach many people through “International Finance” and its network.

The magazine is available at Maruzen bookstore in Marunouchi (at Marunouchi OAZO). Please take a look when you have a chance.

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