Charity Interview Series – Part 7 – NPO Fair Start Support


As one of the charity organisations funded by FIT For Charity 2016, NPO Fair Start Support provides employment assistance to youth in foster care and those from unfortunate background such as family with a history of abuse or poverty. All children who live at foster facilities must leave by the age of 18. To earn a living and/or to pay for tuition, many take on part-time jobs while attending school. Most of the children who leave the foster facilities at 18 years old choose to find employment. However, the process of entering the work force can be unfair to many of the children. NPO Fair Start Support aims to provide more opportunities for these young people so that they may get a fair chance to enter the career field of their choice and make a smooth transition into society.

Volunteers from FIT For Charity visited Representative Director, Mr. Teppei Nagaoka, to hear more about his story.

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