FIT2021 - Online Registration Commences


We are delighted to announce you are now able to sign up, under your registered Sponsor or Participant company, via our online platform. Companies representatives should be sharing information on how to sign-up and payment arrangements specific to your company shortly.

Key Dates

  • 17 September last date to register and be eligible for an Official FIT T-Shirt
  • 1 30 November FIT For Charity Run 2021 event month (Japan time)

See our Annual Schedule page for more details.

This year, there are two ways to register for the event: individuals can register directly on the FIT2021 app and pay the registration fee, or companies can register in bulk. If you register through the app, you can pay by credit card. If your company registers in bulk, your company will transfer the fee to FIT on your behalf. Please refer to the following for details.

  1. Individual registration and payment:
    Participants register themselves at and pay the registration fee by credit card.

  1. Corporate bulk registration and payment:
    A company representative will prepare a list of participants for the format uploaded on the Team Admin site and send it to by e-mail. Participation fees will be collected each and paid in a lump sum to a bank account designated by FIT.

Companies may choose to register via either method, or both. FIT is unable to restrict the method of registration.
To be eligible for a FIT 2021 Official T-Shirt, you must complete your registration by 17 September **. You can continue to sign up for the event after 17 September, but will not be eligible to receive an Official T-Shirt.

For more information on how to sign-up and how to record activities in December when we start, please see our Participant FAQ.

* T-Shirts will be delivered in bulk to each participating firm by mid October. Some firms may request no Official FIT T-Shirt for their participants.

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