FIT2023 Donation Ceremony was held


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The FIT For Charity Run 2023 Donation Ceremony was held on February 29th, 2024 at the Akasaka Prince Classic House, concluding the 2023 event. Sponsors, Donors, representatives of beneficiary charity organisations, and FIT For Charity organising committee members attended the event and donation was presented to 8 selected charities.

FIT For Charity Run 2023 was held as an online and in-person hybrid event. Over 4,500 participated from 92 firms from the Tokyo financial services and related service industries. We raised JPY54,082,393 through financial support from our sponsor firms, participation fees, and sales of T-shirts and raffles supported by goods and services provided by our donors. After deducting event expenses, JPY44,888,000 was donated equally to our 8 beneficiary charity organisations.

The FIT For Charity Run 2023 Donation Ceremony opened with welcome remarks from the Organising Committee Co-Chairs who shared highlights of the event, followed by presentations from the 2023 event beneficiaries on how they plan to use the donated funds. Through the beneficiary’s presentations, the attendees gained a deeper understanding of the social issues that are present in our community and the charities’ efforts in addressing these issues.

Each representative also emphasized their commitment to make best use of the funds as well as the positive impact our donations are expected to make.

FIT For Charity Run brings the financial industry together to give back to the community and to build stronger relationships between the participating firms. While raising donation funds is one of the main objectives of the event, we also aim to facilitate positive outcomes for the beneficiary charity organisations and the benefactors by providing opportunities for both parties to interact with each other.

Although the donation ceremony marks the completion of the annual FIT For Charity Run 2023 event operations, we are actively looking for new volunteers to join our organizing committee and work with us to continue FIT For Charity Run and plan for 2024.

Information regarding the FIT For Charity Run 2024 will be posted on this website once confirmed.

We look forward to your continued support of FIT For Charity Run.

*We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Akasaka Prince Classic House for their kind support in providing the venue, food, and beverages for the donation ceremony. We are also very grateful to Mr. Masahiro Murakoshi, Mr. Akira Fukunaga, and Mr. Shota Fumoto for providing photography services during the donation ceremony.

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