FAQ for Sponsors and Participants Firms

This page provides information for firms who are Sponsors or Participants of this year's event.

Please refer to the below FAQ for Sponsor and Participant firms.

For questions on the FIT Organising Committee or beneficiary organisations, please refer to the separate FAQ Page.

1. Sponsorship

1-1: What is the difference between sponsor firms and participant firms?

1-1: Sponsor Firms support FIT through financial sponsorship and are entitled to the benefits available for Sponsor Firms. In addition to the sponsorship fee, participants of Sponsor Firms are required to pay the participation fee.
Employees of Participant Firms can participate in FIT by paying the participation fee.
Either way, firms need to apply to join FIT as an organisation.
*Employees of companies who are not participating in FIT cannot participate.

Around 50 Sponsor Firms support FIT every year and the funds are an important source for the donations FIT makes to local non-profits. Sponsor firms can display their commitment to contributing to the local community by becoming a financial sponsor. In addition to having employees participate in the FIT run, sponsor firms can realise other benefits through FIT sponsorship such as improved brand recognition through the exposure of firm name and logo, providing an employee engagement opportunity, enhancement of CSR programmes through interaction with the beneficiary organisations.

Participant firms are those who do not financially sponsor FIT and only participate in the FIT event via their employees’ participation fees. Participant firms can join the run, however there will be no exposure of firm name or logo. Also, the external use of the FIT name and logo is not allowed. There are several firms that started to participate as a Participant Firm through the initiative of employees such as run enthusiasts, and then later switched to sponsor status after experiencing the FIT event. Please refer to the Organising Committee materials for more information on sponsorship benefits.

We are asking both Sponsor and Participant Firms to participate in the monthly Organising Committee Meeting (OCM). Also, we ask all firms to nominate volunteers who will work as FIT sub-committee member of the organising committee to help plan the FIT Charity Run event.

1-2: What is the "sponsor area" in Sponsorship Benefits?

1-2: On the day of the event, space will be provided to each Sponsor Firm. We plan to allocate space equal to the number of participants and volunteers to each Sponsor Firm.

We will also provide a space in the sponsor area where Sponsor Firms can display their firm banner. The details will be announced in the OCM.

2. Team Admin site / FIT Contact Person

2-1: Please advise how to login.

2-1: Go to http://teamadmin.fitforcharity.org/ and enter your firm’s user name and password. The user name and password is generated at the start of each year’s event registration and sent to the registered person. A new password is generated each year; please note that you cannot use last year’s password.

2-2: I don’t know the password.

2-2: A new password is generated at the start of each year’s event registration and sent to the registered person. If you cannot remember or locate your password, please contact sponsorship@fitforcharity.org to request a reissue.

2-3: Our firm’s FIT contact has changed.

2-3: Please update your firm’s contact on the Organisation page of the Team Admin site, then notify sponsorship@fitforcharity.org so we can also update the mailing list.
Only one email address can be registered per firm. You can register a group email in case you have multiple contact persons.

2-4: We have registered additional contact persons on the Contacts page of Team Admin; however, they do not receive email notifications.

2-4: Due to system limitations, only the person registered as Primary Contact will receive email notifications.

2-5: Our firm’s name or logo has changed.

2-5: Please update the relevant section on the Organisation page of Team Admin site, then contact sponsorship@fitforcharity.org. You can also register a company name to be used in marketing materials if different from your firm’s official name.
Please note there is a deadline for submitting the sponsor company logo displayed on the back of FIT official T-shirts. Please refer to the announcement at the organising committee and schedule details on the FIT website

3. FIT Official T-Shirts and Company Logo

3-1: What does this year’s T-shirt look like?

3-1: The T-shirt design will be published on the News site of FIT’s homepage as and when determined. Sponsor firm logos will be displayed on the back side of the T-shirt. Participant firms’ logos will not be displayed on the T-shirt.

3-2: How do we submit our firm logo?

3-2: Sponsor firms are requested to upload by the due date your firm’s logo to the Organisation page of Team Admin site. Please review the deadline on the annual schedule displayed on Team Admin Top. If there is no change in your firm’s logo there is no need to upload again; however, we still request you to contact sponsorship@fitforcharity.org to confirm. Please refer to the annual schedule page for logo submission deadline.

For the website, please provide the logo in colour (RGB) as .jpg, .png or .gif data.
For the T-shirt, we use single colour printing. Please provide the logo in black and white as .eps or .ai (vector) data. We cannot accept CMYK, RGB, greyscale files.

The FIT Organising Committee cannot convert your logo file to single colour; please contact your firm’s branding team and provide the correct data. If the correct file is not received by the deadline, it will cause delay to the T-shirt delivery schedule for all firms. Your understanding and support is appreciated.

3-3: How do I apply for a T-Shirt?

3-3: We will inform you how to order this year's T-shirt separately once the details are decided.

Please be aware that the T-Shirts are provided only to those who pay the donation (participation fee = JPY6,000). T-shirts for each firm will be sent in bulk to one address as identified by each firm on Team Admin. There are no T-Shirts available for children under age 16 who do not pay the participation fee. If you wish to purchase additional T-shirts, you can purchase them on the day of the event (JPY 1,000 each). Please note that T-shirt sizes are limited and may not be available on the day. All the proceeds will be donated to the charities we support.

3-4: Can I order more T-shirts after the deadline for T-shirt applications? How will the cancellation by a participant be handled?

3-4: Due to production lead times, we cannot accept additional T-shirt orders after the deadline. Also, we cannot accept cancellations after the T-shirt order deadline. T-shirts will be shipped according to the numbers ordered by the deadline.
We would appreciate your understanding that costs are already incurred after the deadline.

3-5: Could you tell me the sizing for the T-Shirts?

3-5: Please refer to the below table.

4. Participant registration and payment

4-1: How do I register for the online run and the in-person event?

4-1: Each firm can choose from one of the below three ways to register and pay participation fees:

  1. All participants pay themselves: Participants over the age of 16 by themselves register, pay the fee, and order the size of their T-shirt via Peatix.
  2. The participation fee will be paid by the company (in full or in part): FIT company contact compiles participant list and T-shirt orders, sends participant list to FIT, and makes summary bank transfer for participation fee for participants over the age of 16
  3. Firms with a mix of individual and corporate payments (e.g., the company (partially) pays for the participation fee of employees, but family, friends and overseas group company staff pay themselves): Individual payments handled as in A above, while corporate payment follows B above.

Information on how to register on Peatix and collate participant information on a company-by-company basis will be provided at the OCM meeting.

Children under 16 can participate in the in-person event for free. Please note only children of a guardian who registered for the event can participate.There are no FIT official T shirts for children (who participate for free). If you require T shirts for your children, please register and pay the participant fee by the deadline or purchase a T shirt on the event day at the venue.

4-2: How do I pay for sponsorship and participation fees?

4-2: The sponsorship fees must be paid to the bank account specified by FIT. This information will be available on the invoice provided to each Sponsor Firm by our Finance team.

As for the participation fee, as mentioned in the previous section, two methods are available: Either participants pay the participation fee themselves, or the company directly makes a summary payment for participation fees to FIT.
Individual participants who register and pay themselves will go through Peatix who accept a variety of credit cards, convenience stores and ATM (pay-easy) payments, and PayPal.
If the company makes a summary payment to FIT, FIT will issue an invoice for a bank transfer to the FIT bank account. Details will be provided at an OCM meeting.

4-3: Will a receipt be issued?

4-3: A receipt for the sponsorship fee will be sent as payments are confirmed. If you require the receipt urgently, please contact us at finance@fitforcharity.org after you make the transfer.
If you wish to change the name to appear on the receipt, please contact the Finance team (finance@fitforcharity.org). We appreciate your early payment.

If you pay the participation fee by yourself, an automatically generated payment confirmation will be sent by Peatix after the payment is completed. If the company pays the participation fee as a lump-sum, the FIT Finance Team will send you a summary receipt. Please note that we will not separately issue receipts for individual participants.

4-4: Are sponsorship fees or donations for FIT tax-deductible?

4-4: Since the FIT is a voluntary organisation, donations and participation fees paid to FIT are not tax-deductible. FIT does not provide advice on tax matters, so please consult your tax accountant for more information.

5. Recruiting Participants in your Company

5-1: Are there any available marketing materials that can be used for recruiting runners and walkers in our company?

5-1 Information materials will be made available on the FIT website and shared in the organising committee meetings. The design of the official FIT T-Shirt will be posted on the Information page of the FIT For Charity website as soon as finalised.

5-2: Can employees' family and friends participate in runs and walks?

5-2: Families and friends of your firm’s employees are welcome to join. Employees of overseas group companies of FIT participating companies can also participate.
In the past, many participants joined the event with their families and friends, and FIT is widely recognised as an event at which families and friends can easily join and contribute to society. In addition, since the online run can be attended regardless of where you live, including in Japan and overseas, some companies are using it as a cross-regional charity event from Tokyo.

Please note that payment of participation fees for family members and friends will vary depending on the registration / payment pattern you have selected, so please direct your company employees to the applicable method.

Also, FIT pays close attention towards running an accident-free event. Please be sure to share the precautions with your family and friends prior to attending the event. Please also ensure adults are responsible for their children’s safety.

5-3: Is there any insurance coverage?

5-3: Please review the "Disclaimer" and "Online Run Terms" posted on Team Admin to ensure participants are aware of them.

If you participate in an online run, you will not be covered by accident insurance or other insurance by FIT. Please note that the organisers are not responsible for any injuries, diseases, incidents or accidents caused by participation in the event.

If you participate at the National Stadium, you are covered by insurance for participants (including volunteers) on the day of the event. We plan to purchase the following insurance again this year.

Participants: Marathon insurance (covered: all/accidents on the way to and from FIT venue not covered)
Volunteer: Ordinary Accident Insurance (Eligible: Volunteer listed on the volunteer list prepared by the company representative (no need to submit to FIT organising committee)/Accident on the way to and from FIT venue is also covered)
Organiser (FIT Organising Committee): Facility liability insurance

5-4: Are there any conditions for the intercompany relay?

5-4: Only Sponsor Firms can field a team and runners must be employees of the Sponsor Firm to join the 100m X 4 relay. Team must have at least one female runner. Details on the intercompany relay will be communicated at the Organising Committee Meeting.

5-5: Can I participate with my pets?

5-5: Please DO NOT participate in the event with your pets. On the day of the event, the venue and surrounding area will be very crowded. In addition to FIT participants, many members of the public will use the facilities of surroundings. We ask for your consideration and cooperation in order to avoid injury, confusion, trouble etc.

5-6: Can I bring a buggy or participate in a wheel chair?

5-6: Due to safety reasons, buggies and wheelchair can only participate in the Walk.

5-7: Is it possible to participate in more than one event?

5-7: Yes, you can participate in multiple event categories. We will share registration process in the organising committee meeting.

5-8: We would like to send volunteers from our company and have them work as a group; what kind of tasks do you have?

5-8: We will be recruiting volunteers for the in-person event. There are the following tasks (subject to change). Please use the volunteering activities as an opportunity for team building.
Depending on the number of volunteers and tasks, a single company may be assigned to a task; in other cases, several companies may work together in cooperation on the same task. If you have a preferred task, please identify a volunteer captain for your firm, contact the Logistics team, and join the Logistics team meeting:

  • Time keeper
  • Award ceremony
  • Water station
  • Food and drink distribution, garbage
  • Changing room
  • Course management, venue guide
  • Sponsor area, etc

Volunteering only (i.e. not participating in the FIT2024 events) is free.

6. Other

6-1: In case I cant participate, will the participation fee be refunded?

No, the participation fee is part of the donation to the beneficiary organisations and will not be refunded. Please note that we cannot accept any cancellation or refund after the application (payment of the participation fee). Please review the "Disclaimer" and "Participation Policy" posted on Team Admin and make them known to participants