2011 Charities

FIT For Charity is dedicated to supporting non-profit community organisations serving important, but not necessarily well-recognised needs, with limited fundraising capabilities. Supported charities that represent this principle are chosen from organisations in the greater Tokyo area. Funds are divided equally among them. In 2010, ten community organisations received proceeds from the FIT for Charity 2010 event. As a non-standing organisation, FIT prefers to support community organisations on a one-year basis. By doing so, FIT can vary the organisations and therefore support a wide range of causes. FIT For Charity Run 2011 Organising Committee will be supporting the restoration of the affected areas caused by the unprecedented damages of the recent Eastern Japan earthquake disaster. Rebuilding the destroyed areas require a long-term continuous support, together with the cooperation of the Tokyo metropolitan non-profit organisations and the engagement of non-profit orgnaisation support activities.

Because all members of the FIT For Charity Organising Committee are themselves unpaid volunteers, and because almost all of the elements needed to stage the FIT event are donated by companies and their employees, the community organisations supported by FIT receive 100% of all donations and participation fees, and over 90% of the total funds collected.

Following a thorough review of organisations by the FIT for Charity 2011 Organising Committee, the following ten non-profit community organisations were selected to share equally in the proceeds of the 2011 run. We believe that these groups represent a good cross-section of the vital charitable work that takes place in Japan, and we at FIT ask for your support in helping them as well.


NPO Friendship Camp

With the philosophy of achieving an independent common society, we provide camps with the purpose of developing youths and volunteers. For example, there is a “Friendship Camp”, which gives handicapped kids and able-bodied kids an opportunity to spend time together. There is also a “Summer Camp”, which lets kids experience nature.

Junior Achievement Japan

Junior Achievement is working in partnership between the business community, educators and volunteers to inspire young people to dream big and reach their potential. JA’s hands-on, experiential programs teach the key concepts of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to young people.

Kuraki Mother and Child Welfare Association

We raise infants who are not able to be taken care of in their own families in a Child Welfare Act accredited facility. We also assist in support and consultation for children who have left our facility.

Nonprofit Organization Saisei Gakusya

Saisei Gakusya is a free school for truant-prone or developmentally challenged children and teenagers. We cultivate self-affirmation and communication through experiential learning, folk house school camps, drama and local community bazaars.

Support 21, Social Welfare Foundation

Support 21 is offering helping hands to foreign nationals such as conventional refugees, returnees from China or Japanese descendants from South America, providing counseling, scholarships and learning programs.

Great East Japan Earthquake

Caring for Young Refugees

Founded in 1980 with a concrete mission to achieve a peaceful society without refugees, CYR has been acting to support making secured environment for young children and independence of women in Cambodia.
For supporting Great East Japan Earthquake survivors, CYR is re-establishing educational environment for young children and providing livelihood opportunities for community people suffering from the disaster by using its experience working in Cambodia.


We, ETIC promote social innovation by developing entrepreneurial leaders for the next generation. Now, we are working on “Support our Disaster Recovery Leaders” Project which provides human resources, skilled volunteers as assistant leaders/managers, disaster recovery leaders. The project will support the leaders and their projects for disaster recovery.

NPO Fairtrade Tohoku

Our mission is to eliminate social exclusion in local and global communities through fair-trade products, activities and employment support of socially vulnerable people. Since the disaster we have been providing support to those less well known areas and individuals which have not been supported by larger relief organizations.

NPO Network Orange

Supports children and adults with disabilities to participate in their local town developments. Months after the 3.11, the local people are in need of psychological care in order to face the harsh reality of daily lives. We ould like to utilise the FIT support to create an community event space for the residents.

NPO One Family Sendai

Established in 2002, One Family Sendai has been providing emergency & long-term shelters for homeless people and other people in need. We also provide various support and job skill trainings to help them to become self-sustaining. Since 3.11., we have been assisting thousands of evacuees by providing meals in Sendai. Outreaching activities for the elderly / poor with mobility problem with volunteers, and free phone hotline by lawyers have also been provided.
With the FIT support, we would like to establish safety network for those affected with high risk of becoming homeless after the end of temporary housing term.