2016 Charities

FIT For Charity is dedicated to supporting non-profit community organisations serving important, but not necessarily well-recognised needs, with limited fundraising capabilities. Supported charities that represent this principle are chosen from organisations in the Kanto area. Funds are divided equally among them. As a non-standing organisation, FIT prefers to support community organisations on a one-year basis. By doing so, FIT can vary the organisations and therefore support a wide range of causes.

Because all members of the FIT For Charity Organising Committee are themselves unpaid volunteers, and because almost all of the elements needed to stage the FIT event are donated by companies and their employees, the community organisations supported by FIT receive approximately 90% of the total funds collected.

The FIT For Charity 2016 Organising Committee are pleased to announce the 8 beneficiary charities we will be supporting this year. After a thorough review the charities were selected through a voting process held amongst eligible FIT sponsor and supporter firms.

LinkIconNPO Charity Santa

Charity Santa connects adults who are willing to volunteer as a Santa Claus with children waiting for Santa Claus to visit their homes on Christmas Eve. 

LinkIconNPO Dongurino Kai

Dongurino Kai creates and preserves healthy forests, especially broadleaf forests. They get volunteers involved in entire tree management, from collecting seeds to growing and transplanting seedlings, weeding and thinning.

LinkIconNPO Fair Start Support

Fair-Start Support provides employment support to young adults with challenged backgrounds.

LinkIconNPO maggie's tokyo

Maggie's tokyo offers services to anyone diagnosed with cancer.

LinkIconNPO Multi-language Information Center Kanagawa (MIC Kanagawa)

Founded in 2002, MIC Kanagawa dispatches interpreters around 7,000 times each year to hospitals and other facilities for those who do not speak Japanese. 

LinkIconParalympians Association of Japan

Formed by former Japan Paralympic National Team players, Paralympians Association of Japan promotes self-study, by spreading understanding of Paralympics, and by gathering information.

LinkIconNPO Social Development Japan

Social Development Japan supports children with severe physical and mental disabilities and their families. The organization recently started offering day care services for children with severe physical and mental disabilities aged between 7 and 18 years old. 

LinkIconNPO Toshima Children Wakuwaku Network

Toshima Children Wakuwaku Network tackles child poverty in three ways – teaching children how to play, raising educational attainment, and improving living standards of their families.