2019 Charities

The Financial Industry in Tokyo (FIT) is dedicated to supporting non-profit community organisations serving important, but not necessarily well-recognised needs, with limited fundraising capabilities.

The FIT For Charity 2019 Organising Committee is pleased to announce the eight beneficiary charities we will be supporting this year. After a thorough review, the charities were selected through a voting process held amongst eligible FIT sponsor and supporter firms.

This year’s beneficiary organisations are as follows.

NPO Arakawa River Clean-aid Forum

Aim to create the society where human live together with nature by running clean-aid activities to remove trash in Arakawa rivers by collaborating with the citizens, schools, and companies. They work on resolving waste issues of the society including marine waste, focusing on Arakawa river clean-up aid.

NPO Being ALIVE Japan

Build communities to support medical treatment life of kids and families through sport programs by collaborating with athletes and sport team. They aim to contribute to help kids to have the best teenage years, to become independent and to have bright future by trying diverse opportunities.

Good Neighbors Company

Developed a program called "Kuchi-Build" where the participants can enjoy and learn the importance of oral functions. This program is based on the oral functional training conducted in the medical field as a prevention of “aspiration pneumonia”, which is the seventh leading cause of death in Japan.

General Incorporated Association Habilis Japan

Support those children with prosthesis to have the most suitable environment for development (i.e. prosthesis for daily use, activity prosthesis that enables sports and playing musical instruments, doctors, therapists, prosthetist and orthotist, engineers, eductational institutions, etc.) to support their social participation and to build their self-esteem.

Home-Start Japan, Specified Nonprofit Corporation

Consider the best interest of the children within the community. Their volunteer residents who have undergone training sessions visit the homes of those who are raising small children, and support the parents while spending time together.

PIECES (Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation)

Aim to solve and prevent children's isolation and realise a society where everyone can live with dignity and in piece by holding "public supporters training programs" that are mainly for those in their 20s to 40s living in the targetted regions. They are developping the citizenship mindset of local residents as well as enhancing the healthiness of local communities.

Usnova Foundation

Are a child poverty countermeasure center, that work to help all children can live like a shining nova with hope for tomorrow through the three main acitivites: 1)research and policy recommendations, 2)intermediate support and 3)direct support for children.

Nonprofit Corporation WELgee

Contribute to create connections with the society for refugee applicants who have fled to Japan from conflicts and persecution in their home countries, develop their careers as “human resources” and achieve stable legal status by creating job opportunities for them.

Beneficiary charities that represent FIT’s principles are chosen from organisations in the Kanto area and the funds are divided equally among them. As FIT Organising Committee is not a standing organisation, each year, FIT selects anew the organisations it chooses to support, allowing FIT to cover a broad range of organisations and social causes in our local community.

Because all members of the FIT For Charity Organising Committee are themselves unpaid volunteers, and because almost everything needed to hold the FIT event is donated by companies and their employees, the charity organisations supported by FIT receive approximately 90% of the total funds collected.